GetLinkInfo Firefox/IE Search Engine

Add GetLinkInfo to your Firefox/IE7+ Search box

To quickly get information on a link, you can add the GetLinkInfo to the search engine list (containing Google, Wikipedia, etc) in the box that appears on the top-right of the browser window. Enter a link or drag & drop a link in this box to see more information about it without visiting it. Click here to add the GetLinkInfo Search Engine to your browser.

GetLinkInfo Bookmarklet

The GetLinkInfo bookmarklet can be added to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser. Clicking on the bookmark opens a popup where you can enter the link on which you need more info. By default, the link of the currently open tab/window is taken, which is useful in case you want to retrieve the download links for a YouTube video that is already open in your browser.

Drag & drop this bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar or click on it to see it in action:
GetLinkInfo bookmarklet

GetLinkInfo bookmarklet